Privacy Policy
 How we use your data safely
At Fran’s British Accent, we'll never misuse your data. We'll never sell it. And we've never had a security breach. To learn more about how we use your data — and how we keep it safe — please take a moment to review our privacy notice.
Who we are
Hello, we're Fran’s British Accent. Our address is:
1130 Rue Felix Faure,
Caudebec Les Elbeuf
Why we collect your data

There are a few different reasons for collecting your data:

To stay in touch via email
To create a safe login so that you can view the material locked away in our membership site
To share new products with you via email
If you would like to unsubscribe you can either email us: or click on ‘unsubscribe’ in one of our emails. All your personal data will then be manually deleted from our servers within one month (if you choose to continue enjoying our material until the end of your subscription period) or within two weeks if you haven’t purchased anything or specifically ask us to delete your information.
What data we collect
When you use Fran’s British Accent, or you get in touch with us by email, over the phone, or on social media, we collect some of your personal information:

This could include any of the following: 

Phone number
Social media name
Email address
IP address
What data we receive
To give you a great service, we work closely with other companies and websites. Some of them share your basic information with us. This could be your name and address, your bank details when subscribe to one of our courses, or your login credentials if you're logging in with services like Gmail or Facebook.
How we share your information

Your data is shared with our payment platform, Stripe, so that we can receive payment in exchange for any products you purchase from us.
Your email address could also be shared with developers trouble shooting our system if you experience technical difficulties.
How long we keep your data

We keep your data for a minimum of 6 years if you have made a purchase.
Automated decisions
Sometimes, decisions about your data are made by computers. For instance, when you sign up or make a purchase, you are automatically added to a mailing list (using Drip You could also be taken through a marketing funnel using Clickfunnels if you sign up for our membership packages (
How we transfer your data internationally

So that you can experience the best possible service at Fran’s British Accent, we sometimes need to transfer your data outside of the European Economic Area. For example, one of the Clickfunnels Support Centers is in America. Sometimes, our people there are called upon to troubleshoot any glitches in our systems and we need to share your data with them.
Your rights

You can ask to see the information we have about you. You can also ask us to change it, correct it, delete it, restrict how we use it, or object to the way we use it by emailing:

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